About André


Meet André

An Indiana boy who was born in Arkansas, André is a fun loving guy who started out playing the trombone. While he loved marching, jazz, and concert band- he found theatre as a Freshman in high school. Since then he was accepted to Otterbein University for a BFA in Musical Theatre. He is a lover of African dance, long car rides, and pugs. He has loved NYC ever since his first trip there to see Something Rotten, and has never looked back. While he does not currently live in New York, he plans on moving there within the next year.

Although he started dance later than most (starting his Freshman year of college,) he has found a passion for it like nothing he has ever felt. Dance is not just an outlet, but a form of therapy, and has helped change who he is as a person and where he wants to go in life.

Besides theatre, Andre’ is a huge comic book nerd. He does prefer DC over Marvel, but does not discriminate. His favorite Hero is Nightwing.